When I need to adjust my lifestyle in according to the love of God, I take
walks in local cemeteries. Why? No, I am not morbid, but I need a gentle
reminder of where I will be one day. It’s the cemetery that opens my eyes to
the reality of life. I shall die one day!  If you think you are
indestructible think again. ALL ages are recorded on tombstones. Yes, from
babies to centurions. Death guarantees us that we shall leave the world one
day and when we do, we certainly want others to remember us in their
prayers. How many will, especially today’s generation who are so busy and
have no time.  It is a deep concern for all of us on the mindset of
Catholics who do not think it’s important to pray for the deceased or visit
their loved ones at the graveyard and say a pray.

The Catholic Church encourages us to pray for the deceased and to remember
them in our Holy Masses. For us, the living, this is the only way we can
help our loved ones if they are in need of prayers to enter Heaven. One of
the biggest mistakes made after the Vatican II Council in our country was
that we were told that everybody goes to Heaven regardless of who you are.
And yet, Jesus said, if you love Me, bide by My laws. How many are bending
His laws today? Remember when the woman caught in the act of adultery was
about to be stone by the crowd, our Lord came to her rescue, but He said
something to her that we forget.go and sin no more!

Yes, we are sinners and we are in need of prayers now and hereafter from our
brothers and sisters of our Catholic Community. Please remember your loved
ones and all who have left this world in your prayers and the Holy Masses
that you attend.  Please don’t forget to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the
Mass for those who are dear to your heart.  The Mass is the most powerful
prayer you can offer up on behalf of the Holy Souls.

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord!

Fr. Dan

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  1. Powerful words echoed by Fr. Ben’s homily this week. I especially like the reminder about Jesus’ command after pardoning the women, a great reminder after the recent readings centering around forgiveness.

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