American Dream

My Beloved Families,

This morning I heard a T.V. announcer tell the audience that the greater majority of Americans believe that the American dream is over with. One can no longer get the education, the wealth, the house, the cars and other things that were all a part of this dream. It is now difficult to obtain. Perhaps they are right but I thought the American dream is God, family and country. God being first and foremost for He is the reason of our own life as well as our family and country.

It seems when we get lost and move away from God everything falls apart. Everybody goes in different directions. We are no longer united as a country or as a family for we threw out He who keeps us together as one mind and one heart.  Of course, I am speaking of Mary’s son, Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

Advent Season reminds us the importance of Our Lord  and the need to keep Him always in our lives. He created us and died for us so that we may have Salvation. Soon we will be celebrating His birthday, but will we remember that this is His birthday! Yes, just like a child cannot wait until Christmas morning to receive his or her gifts, Jesus cannot wait to receive your gift to Him. What will it be?

Can you give Him your flat screen television? Nah, I don’t think so!  How about your family Christmas meal, perhaps He is hungry. Nope, He being God does not have food hunger pains. So what does He desire from each one of us? Our Love!  This is what He craves for from each one of us and yet we don’t get it. He desires our Love on His Birthday and every day we have on this earth. Am I loving the Child Jesus the way He desires? Think a moment about this and remember He desires your whole heart, mind and soul in this love. Now the question is… am I loving Him the way He desires me to love Him? Let’s make the child Jesus happy by making an honest effort in loving Him each day, so that when we celebrate Christmas, your gift is under the Heavenly Tree… your love!

Fr. Dan