April Showers bring May Flowers

As I was growing up I heard this expression so many times when Spring would arrive. This certainly carried some truth to it! If we did not have water, we would not have flowers or crops. We can also say that without God’s graces we ourself cannot bloom with love for Jesus. We need His graces!

Do we look for places to rest in this rain of graces in today’s crazy upside down world? I pray so! We need to bathe in such places to remain strong in our faith and love for the Lord Jesus. It’s so easy to bathe in the world and its delights. I love this and I love that… a car, a new house, a cottage up north, a computer, an iPhone, games for my computer, vacations, parties, etc. Who can’t resist such temptations? That is why all the more we need God’s Graces so we don’t overly indulge in the things of the world.

Where does one find such graces to keep his or her faith strong as well as ones love for Jesus?   There are a number of places we can rest in the Lord’s graces and here are some areas:

Would you believe… Church. Yes, indeed the Holiest of Holy place in the World to be, where God’s presence is and always will be, especially where Jesus is present in the Tabernacles of the world containing the living bread… Jesus himself.

Ah! The Living Bread…Jesus. We call this Holy Communion where one receives the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. He is All Grace and you want Him at any opportunity possible. One should have this desire and want this oneness with God. A side feature of this is that where God is, Heaven is. I have all Heaven in me by the presence of the Living Bread, Jesus, in me. Wow!

How about the bending knees exercise known as, ‘praying to God.’ Every time you pray, did you know that you are eyeball to eyeball with Him. You have his undivided attention. I know sometimes we don’t think so, but trust me, it’s true. Jesus will answer our prayers in a way that we or others will be drawn closer to Him. In prayer we have God who is all grace, and at that moment we are in the shower of graces without realizing it. All the more why one needs to pray.

Hmm…  what about that ‘Box’ known as the Confessional? Are you avoiding it like the plague? Many Catholics do and it’s a shame that they are. Here we receive Mercy from God, the forgiveness of sins. We receive graces to help us to love Jesus better and avoid temptations of life. We need this sacrament of reconciliation to fall in love even more with God through His loving graces that are received each time we go to confession. This sacrament is urgent and needed for one who is trying to love God and stay away from the world’s delights.

What about the Son’s Mama?  If the Son needed Her, we need Her even more. One of the Popes wrote that Mary is the source of all God’s Graces. When you cultivate a love for Her, she showers you with Her Son’s graces. Get real close to Her and never let Her out of your sight, for She is a must for all to grow in a deeper love for Her Son, Jesus.

There are other areas of showering in God’s graces, but these areas that are mentioned help you to begin your shower of graces.

God bless each one of you on your journey of love in this world!

The Faithful Friar