Can We Keep On Going This Way?

As we watch the horrific and barbaric acts of genocide against those who believe in Jesus Christ in the Mideast by jihadists, one must wonder if the world is sleeping. There were no voices from Christian countries in South America, Europe, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world calling for action against such violence.


I remember when General Dwight Eisenhower made the press and other communication agencies took photos of the death camps in Europe and Eastern Europe after World War II. He said that we must always remember this so that it never will happen again. Well, it’s happening again!  Catholics are put on crosses to die like they are God. Little children are beheaded, women are raped and throats are slit… it goes on and on. In the meantime the world sleeps.


As Knights, we have a responsibility to help those who are suffering such evils as we did during the persecution in Mexico (began 1857) letting our leaders know something must be done, for this wholesale slaughter of believers in Jesus Christ must stop. Let us also pray that the Good Lord will wake up our world leaders to help these people who have done no wrong. All they do is believe in Jesus as you and I do. Let us pray!