SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH… Quiet… Don’t Say It!… It’s Not Nice To Say!

Wow! We’ve come a long way in refining on, ‘who we are.’  Our leaders in Government, Industry and Retail have now dictated as to what type of people we are.  And just what is, ‘who we are’?  Well, let’s start with the forbidden words we are not to say in a public or government place […]


Our Lenten Season is upon us and we remember that the Church tells us the 3 areas we must focus on. They are: prayer, sacrifice and alms (helping our neighbor). Why these? To help us to do what God desires of us in our daily life, and all of these steps draws us closer to […]


We have now begun our New Year of 2015 and we see the world in havoc.  It’s like everybody is on the sidelines and just waiting for a disaster to happen.  Perhaps we need to keep focus on our roots, which is that we are the family of God. So no matter what happens, our […]

American Dream

My Beloved Families, This morning I heard a T.V. announcer tell the audience that the greater majority of Americans believe that the American dream is over with. One can no longer get the education, the wealth, the house, the cars and other things that were all a part of this dream. It is now difficult […]