Desensitized from the aromas of evil

Are we desensitized from the aromas of evil that surround the ‘sin of abortion’? I spoke to someone about this and the party’s expression went like, ‘so what’!  If we watched the news this past month, we are aware that we have graduated from one evil to another one greater.  What is happening at the abortion mills is that they are telling the women who had the abortions that they had taken care of their problem, but not telling them that they are delivering these infants alive to harvest  body parts. Once they have the baby out of the womb, then they try to keep it alive as long as possible to make sure the body parts are in good condition for whoever wants them.

If you and I subscribe to this evil it would be like saying it’s alright for a man to shoot Fr. Dan in the head for his body parts. If there is a need for a liver, heart, or any other part of his body, we will cut it out and give it to the lab or hospital that is in need of this for money. My life means nothing  to society for I am just a growing tissue for future body parts. We are now living in a, ‘draconian society.’    If we cannot respect life in the womb of a mother, then your life and mine will not be respected outside the womb. We are seeing this more and more in our country that was indeed dedicated ‘Under God’ for in ‘God We Trust.’

Remember, once you lose God Almighty then anything goes. If this is what we want , a society without God, then sin shall be the norm of life. This is why we must be aware and not be desensitized to evil and to realize that more than ever, we need to do our part through prayer and participating in any way we can in making others aware of what is happening now to our beloved country that is losing its love for the Lord by disrespecting what He created to be His treasure, Human Life!

Fr. Dan