Each person has God

I just got off the phone with a lovely bride of Christ who lives in a local monastery. She said something that struck a chord in my heart, “Each person has God in him or her, and each person is given a certain unique gift of giving a secret of God to others that no one else can, whereby opening a mystery of God.” I remember how many times on the pulpit I would say, “You are precious before the eyes of the Lord, even if the world or your family and friends do not think so, God does!” You are His joy and love!

We can add on that we are like a variety of different exotic flowers. Each one of us gives out a scent of a fragrance of love that cannot be duplicated by any human being outside of you. Only you can emit this fragrance of love to others. Of course, this fragrance is the love you have for God. Through your love, others learn a love coming from God that delights their souls. They learn something about God through you which no other person can do or redo. You are that exotic and rare treasure of the Divine and don’t you ever forget that.

Oh how we short change ourselves in thinking we are useless. If this were so, trust me, you would not be alive today. God made you His treasure to reveal Him to others in a loving and mysterious way where you alone can set their hearts on fire to love Him. You shall reach people the way no others can, for this is the purpose of God, creating you to reveal Him to others so they may love Him and make it to Heaven. It’s His love that is revealed in your love to your neighbor, who can be your parent, spouse, sibling, friend or co-worker and it starts with you being in love with Him.

Fr. Dan


  1. Thank you father for sharing that. I got chills reading it. You touched my soul with that. God bless you.

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