Our Beloved Lord came into the world on that cold Christmas Night as a gift of love for you and me. His royal presence was clothed in humility, for He was born in a stable that would not pass an inspection by the health department today. Yet He did! Jesus came, ‘Hidden to the world and its ways’. Only those who desired Him found Him. Remember Harold’s’ learnt men, the astrologers, knew of His coming, but did nothing about it nor did they care.


Look at the Infant’s visitors list… Shepherds and Three Wise Men who with love, sought Him out. After the Angel appeared to the Shepherds announcing the Good News, they could have easily said it’s too cold out there and it’s late, let us go another time. The Wise Men could have this mind-set… this child must be of royalty and be born in a castle somewhere, otherwise we will end our journey. Thank the Lord, both with love, set out to find the King of Kings in His humble dwelling, a stable that was fit for animals but unbecoming to a King. Again, Our Blessed Lord laid hidden here from the world and its crazy ways.


Today the world has chosen not to seek out this Baby, whose name is Jesus. And yet, the Child Jesus is certainly the reason for Christmas. Will you seek Him out? Or will you be in the madness of shopping all over creation as the stores want us to be. Perhaps you may be planning various Christmas parties and meals with family or friends. Oh! A vacation in some warm spot!  All nice things, but not the real reason of Christmas. Plan Christmas the right way this year! Make it truly the birth of Jesus by loving and adoring Him as His First Visitors, the Shepherds and Wise Men did. Oh come Holy Faithful…Christ awaits you!