Month of the Holy Rosary

We soon will be entering the month of October, better known as the month of the Holy Rosary.  How wonderful it is to know that if we desire to please Our Beloved Mother in an affectionate and loving way, we should recite the rosary daily.  How many times have I said that when an Ave Maria (Hail Mary) comes floating from your lips unto Our Lady, it’s like putting a beautiful fragrant rose of love into Her Crown.  Yes, we should love Her in this light, like a child loves his loving mother. She is the one who made it clear to numerous Saints that of all prayers in Her honor, this one She treasures the most.


So, why is so difficult to recite the Rosary. If you love someone , you have the greatest desire to please that person and you usually do something that this individual finds very pleasing. In our case, Our Blessed Lady made it known, if you want to please Her say the Rosary. This a true sign as St. Louie de Montfort once wrote of child who belongs to the Blessed  Mother. Our Saint would even say, that when you recite the Holy Rosary,  Mary holds you tenderly in Her arms, watching over you and protecting you with Her love. You cannot ask for anything better than that.


Then one must think of today’s times. Mary appeared to the children of Fatima giving them the prayer that will destroy the evil that is consuming this world. What is this powerful weapon against Satan and his forces of evil? The Holy Rosary! Unfortunately Our Lady’s words fell on deaf ears, for many no longer recite the Holy Rosary today. Now we wonder why everything is  upside-down and seems to be getting worse. The answer is… we do not listen to the Blessed Mother and the result is more evil.


Let us pick up our beads and begin reciting the Rosary, so that God will live in the World’s heart and not Satan. An added note, let us remember the up-coming Election by praying the Rosary each day till the day of the Election in which we ask that ‘God’s’ Will be done!’   


Fr. Dan