My Darling, My Precious, My Love, My Sweetie Pie.

Soon February will be upon us and the Madison Avenue Boys will have us know
that this month is, ‘mushy mush’ month, the month of sweethearts. It’s a
nice thought, but not the fullness of truth. If I am dating someone or am
married, my vocation is to draw that person closer to the Lord’s heart. For
those who are married, the Lord gave you a mission on your marriage day to
love one another and help one another to become closer to the Lord through
words and actions. As I tell the young men who are embarking on this
journey, as you go down the aisle. Jesus is telling you, ‘My Son, I give you
my beloved daughter, treasure her and help her to love Me each day.’

Yes, if I truly love someone, I have the obligation of helping that
individual to fall more in love with God through MY actions and words.
Remember, that person is your neighbor. St. Paul tells us to love our
neighbor with the same heart as we love the Lord. So, if I am the man.I must
respect and honor her while in her presence. I cannot be a source of evil,
but a source of good. Better yet, I cannot be a temptation to her, but
someone who helps her to love and follow the ways of Mary’s son, Jesus.

Now, this message is certainly different than what the Madison Avenue Boys
delivered. Why? They leave out an ingredient that is extremely critical to
true love and that is GOD.

May St. Valentine walk with all couples dating and all couples married that
through His intercession, God will give these, His children, the Gifts they
need to help one another to make it to Heaven.

The Friar