Officers for the Knights of Columbus

My Beloved Family,

Last Sunday I was privileged to be a part of the ‘Investure’ of several groups of officers for the Knights of Columbus, along with the Ladies of the LOTA. I remember our speaker at the end of this Investure, talking about that we are living in the times in which we cannot be quiet about our faith. We now have to let the world around us know that we are Catholics and proud to be so. How true that is!

Today when we look around us,  we see more and more people indulging in ways that are opposite of God’s Ways. In fact, we are now informed that whatever you think is right is cool. If you are angry at someone, take him or her out for good. How about enjoying sex in any direction you desire… that’s cool.  Need to make a statement, I will just physically harm some innocent person so the world gets my viewpoint.  Life is meaningless, I can take a life away if it interferes with my lifestyle. Maybe I need an abortion or perhaps my senior parents need to leave this world for they are a burden to  us children. Hey, that’s ok.  Yes, we can go on and on with the sickness of our country which now desires ‘NO MORE GOD’ and let me do whatever I want. Amen! History shows that when a country goes this way it treads on shaky soil. Bottom line, it will not last long.

Now, one who is a Catholic (or Christian) in today’s world, needs to show they are in love with God and not the evilness of society. In other words, I am not here to please the consensus for I am here to please God Almighty who created me and died for me on Calvary. Jesus is now looking upon us and our American brothers and sisters with sorrowful eyes, asking will anyone love Me more than they love themselves?

Now is the time to show more than ever in the history of our nation that God is still loved by many. Let His Ways be ours! Pray, go to Church, receive the sacraments, bide by His Laws, through each one of us, bring His heart to your neighbor a heart that is filled with patience, kindness, mercy, and is never rude, pompuous, inflated nor seeks its own interest. If we just start here, than we will begin to start healing and become a nation that  is ‘Under God.’

God bless you and God bless America!

Fr. Dan