SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH… Quiet… Don’t Say It!… It’s Not Nice To Say!

Wow! We’ve come a long way in refining on, ‘who we are.’  Our leaders in Government, Industry and Retail have now dictated as to what type of people we are.  And just what is, ‘who we are’?  Well, let’s start with the forbidden words we are not to say in a public or government place around this time of the year. Merry Christmas to all of you! This expression, would you believe, alienates people. Why? Because it expresses our belief of the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not the meals, gifts or parties… it’s the Birth of Jesus which makes this season joyful.

What a shame we cannot express our delight in the Birth of Jesus in public. It is true that this beautiful country is dedicated to God. Does not our Declaration of Independence express this? And does not our currency remind us of this with these words… IN God We Trust. Even our Pledge of Allegiance gives wind to this… One nation under God. A nation that belongs to God and today its citizens are asked not to express this belief anymore.

If this is so, than we lower ourselves down to being non-believers or a country that no longer wants to belong to God nor wants His blessings. Gee, did we not see this in the Old Testament… God’s Chosen ones walking away and what happened?  They suffered in an excruciating way. They, like us today, felt they no longer had use for God Almighty and preferred to go it alone. For us who believe, let Merry Christmas ring in the air when you greet others, whether it be in stores, homes or office buildings, it makes no difference for God lives in your heart and mine. Have a Blessed and Joyful Christmas!