Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained

A ground breaking new
series that unveils the beauty
and brilliance of Catholicism!

St. Albert the Great is offering the first of the two part series this Fall, 2015. It features 10 video and discussion
sessions that bring together some of the most trusted
Catholic teachers in the world to guide you through the
breadth and richness of the Catholic Faith.

Discussion group leader: Deacon Henry Kibit

This is for you whether you are a faithful Catholic, a non-participating Catholic, or an interested non-Catholic. All who want to learn more about their Faith are welcome!

The Symbolon series starts on Monday, October 5, from
7-9 pm, at the Social Hall of St. Albert the Great. It will be
Shown for 10 consecutive Mondays at the same time
and place.

Topics include: The Journey of the Faith; Divine Revelation;
The Bible; The Story of Salvation; Mary and the Saints; The Last
Things; The Holy Spirit; Why do I need the Church?; Who is Jesus? The Paschal Mystery.

$25.00 workbook fee.

Click here for the Flyer for registration information