There was a visitor who came from the war torn country of Nigeria. He was admiring what we have but said to me… the problem here in this country is that you have to many choices. In my country, what we have, is what we have, and we share it when there is a need. There is not much, but we help one another out and we are happy. Wow! Sometimes I wonder about the Land of Plenty, the USA. I bumped into a friend some time back and he was bragging how much loose change he had in an overseas bank. ‘Change’ that certainly could be used to reach out to his brothers or sisters who don’t have such wealth or could ever imagine that kind of money.

No, I not telling him to spend every cent he has extra on those who are in need, but to be generous in his giving. During the Great Depression when families had nothing, others came to help out. In other words, neighbors, were looking out for their other neighbors and what they had, they shared. Can we share today? I pray so! If not, we are in trouble. This country was always a generous and charitable nation. When I spent some time in Europe, the Europeans would tell me that of all countries in the world it’s the Americans who are the most generous. Oh, I am not speaking of our government, I am speaking of individuals in this country. As a whole, we are charitable. It’s through charitable giving we reach out with love to our brothers or sisters who have less than we. This giving tells the world that we are not selfish and we do have a heart that reflects the love of Jesus. As Jesus said in Scripture, when we reach out to others in their needs we are reaching out to Him. Lord, when did I feed you? Lord, when did I clothe you? Lord, when did I visit you? When you did it to the least, you did it unto Me.

Yes, this Land has many blessings from God Almight,y hence we are not takers but sharers of these gifts. In doing so, we Love thy neighbor and more importantly, we Love the Lord Jesus by this love.

Fr. Dan