Many of us plan vacations to get away and relax. We may plan these in the
Summer or perhaps in the Winter. Yet, we do need them! Remember there is a
time to work, a time to pray and a time to recreate (according to St.
Ignatius Loyola of the Jesuits).


How strong was Ignatius on recreation (to relax)? One day he was walking in
the countryside with a group of seminarians. While they were walking he was
asked this question by one of the students. Fr. Ignatius, “If the Lord
appeared to you right now and He told you that shortly you were going to
die, what would you do? The seminarians felt for sure that he would go fetch
a priest for confession or get on his knees and start praying. He surprised
them with his response, “I would continue on with our walk for this pleases
the Lord the most.”


We need time to relax and get the stress off our back, that is what
recreation or vacations are all about. I am not running away from Jesus, He
comes with me! As a Catholic I am aware God is with me no matter where I go.
Point put, how am I conducting myself as His daughter or son while I am
recreating or on vacation. I don’t do anything that the Good Lord would be
ashamed of me because I belong to Him.


Fr. Dan