We have now begun our New Year of 2015 and we see the world in havoc.  It’s like everybody is on the sidelines and just waiting for a disaster to happen.  Perhaps we need to keep focus on our roots, which is that we are the family of God. So no matter what happens, our eyes are always on Heaven. In this way we realize that we cannot control the world and its evil, but we can control our destiny to be with God in our glorious home, Heaven. Yes, just like in the past there were great wars, famines and natural catastrophes and Christians had to hang on to Heaven. We too are in a similar era of time where we need to keep cozy up to Heaven and not the world. When I talk to God and those in Heaven I am warming up to Heaven. And when I bide by God’s ways, I am connecting with God. We cannot forget the love warming Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation that explode our hearts on fire for He who loves us the most, Jesus!

My Beloved Brother Knights, it’s this road that keeps our sanity. We can lose our jobs, health, homes or families and yet we have much hope…  for Heaven is ours. Our problem is that we make this world our heaven and when things go wrong we curse God and all that is of Him. Didn’t He say, “If you love me pick up your cross each day.”  He never said He would explain to us our crosses, but as He did, will we pick up our cross for Him and follow Him?

I think we need to remember this always. We are of Heaven and were sent down here on a mission to love God no matter where we are in life. The Little Child whose birth we just celebrated came down to die for you and me. And likewise we were sent here to give up our lives for Him whom we call Jesus, the son of Mary.

Fr. Dan